Golf Membership

Applying for membership is simple and with a number of options designed to suit your lifestyle and budget, we are confident you will be able to find a suitable membership.

Full Memberships at Hinksey Heights run from the 1st of April each year but we welcome new members at any time so you won't pay for months you miss.  Pricing varies by age group and flexible/points memberships is as a cost-effective alternative way to earn or maintain an official handicap or simply to reduce the average cost of a round of golf for casual golfers. 

We also offer Concessionary Membership to ensure golf is open to all in the community.  Payment by instalment can be arranged for Full and Concessionary Memberships.  Contact the club for more details.

2020 Competitions Diary

Membership at Hinksey Heights Golf Club starts on 1st April each year and runs for twelve months.

All memberships are full 7 day.

There is no joining fee and memberships are available.

Memberships fees for new memberships during the year will reduced by 1/12 for each full month already completed.

Corporate memberships available.  Please call to discuss.


The following is a list of the rates for Full Membership for the year ending 31st March 2021.

*access to concessions for younger members is based on their age on the date of joining or 1st April each year after that.

Annual Fee
Full Membership £825
Full Membership + Partner £1265
Forces and Veterans Membership £545
Age 30-39 Membership £685
Age 25-29 Membership £520
Age 18-24 Membership £320
Student Membership £285
Junior Membership (13-17) £115
Junior Membership (Under 13) £60

Membership Benefits

  • Ability to obtain a handicap
  • Play in a variety of club competitions
  • Vote at AGM's & EGM's
  • Your guests can enjoy discounted green fees

Restrictions & Terms

  • Student union card is required valid until the date of renewal
  • If none of these options are suitable to fit around your lifestyle have a look at our flexible points membership options. Points membership is perfect for the occasional golfer with many of the benefits of a full membership.

Prices valid from 1st January 2020

Our Points Membership is ideal for those who play less often but want the benefits of being club member.

For an initial purchase of 230 points you can become a member of Hinksey Heights Golf Club.  Points are then deducted from your account according to which day you play and how many holes (see below).  When your points run out you simply top up with a further 230 points at the prevailing rate.

Unused points expire two years from the most recent purchase date.  Points Memberships remain active for the the period a member has unexpired points on their account.

Points may not be transferred to another player and cannot be used to pay for guests.  However, points members benefit from the same reduced guest rates as enjoyed by full members.

In the circumstances where a Points Member wishes to transfer to a Full Member category, unused points can be transferred at the rate of £1 each to offset against the relevant subscription.  No rebate of points purchased will be made other than for Golf or transfer purposes.

Pricing for 230 points

1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020 - £295


How are your points used?

Points are deducted according to this scale:

Weekday Weekend
Main Course - 18 Holes 14 Points 18 Points
Main Course - 9 Holes 8 Points 10 Points

Benefits include

  • Ability to obtain a handicap
  • Play in a variety of club competitions
  • Vote at AGM's & EGM's
  • Your guests can enjoy discounted green fees

No further discounts are given under this category of membership for age or gender related categories available under full membership.

If you are planning on playing lots of golf through the year and don't think that points membership is suitable for you, have a look at our full membership options giving you unlimited access.

Hinksey Heights Golf Club is registered under the UK Government’s Community Amateur Sports Club Scheme (CASC). As such the Club is open to all sections of the community. The subscription rates are highly competitive with other golf clubs in the area. In general therefore, our costs do not create an obstacle to members of the community playing. However, HMRC CASC regulations require clubs who have a membership fee in excess of £520 (including costs associated with membership) to make provision for those people in the community who wish to become a member and are able to clearly demonstrate that they cannot afford to pay more than £520 (based on participation once a week). The Club wishes to make membership available to all members of the surrounding community and will therefore offer a Concessionary Membership to those who can clearly demonstrate that they cannot meet the full subscriptions which are otherwise extremely competitive.

Concessionary Members will be entitled to 52 Vouchers a year entitling them to play a full round of golf, provided that such rounds are played out of peak hours – after 10am on weekdays or Sundays (unless the course is otherwise booked for competitions/matches/societies etc). Concessionary Members will be entitled to use one voucher a month to play in Club Competitions at whatever time such competitions are held; Concessionary Members will be exempt (if they so choose) from the normal entry fee for such competitions, but will then not be entitled to benefit from cash/voucher/prize awards that are otherwise on offer.

Concessionary Membership will cost £500 pa, and Concessionary Members will be entitled to borrow sets of 2nd hand Clubs that will be held by the Club for this purpose. Concessionary Members will otherwise be full members of the Club and entitled to vote at General Meetings. To apply for Concessionary Membership, an applicant should submit a standard membership application form together with a letter clearly explaining why he/she is unable to meet the full costs of membership. In line with the practice of Oxfordshire Councils, Concessionary Membership will be considered for those who are:

-  getting income-based job seekers allowance

-  getting income support

-  getting working tax credit (but not child tax credit)

-  getting council tax credit (but not 25% reduction for single occupier)

Other claims will be considered by the Club on a case-by-case basis. 

The application and letter should be submitted to the Secretary/Manager for consideration by the Management Committee. Those who are enrolled as Concessionary Members will be required to resubmit a case for remaining in this category (rather than paying full subscription rates) on annual renewal, and must notify us of any changes in their circumstances, which would affect the eligibility for the Concessionary Membership.

Consideration is given to all applicants to this Scheme is open to both existing and new members alike.

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