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Rugbygolf is an exciting new sport that was introduced to the UK in the past couple of years and connects the game of golf with the skills of rugby.

As with Footgolf, Hinksey Heights has embraced this new game and offer the only 18 hole course in Europe.  Our 1,750 yards par 72 course is set in rolling countryside with panoramic views over the city of Oxford.

Using a kicking tee to start each hole, you can then punt, drop kick or pass the rugby ball into the hole but drop kicks must be taken when playing out of the rough.  Whilst the emphasis of the game is enjoyment, playing will improve your kicking and passing skills and the score card will ensure a competitive edge to the round.

Rugbygolf is ideal for team building, social groups, school and club outings, stag parties or just a friendly game with friends and family.



The UK Rugbygolf Association has produced a useful guide to the rules of the game...

Rugbygolf and Footgolf share the same course separated from the golf course.


If you are looking for a gift, we offer a range of rugby golf experience gift vouchers which can be downloaded from our online store and are valid for one year.

Please note the following

  • For tee reservations call 01865 327775 – option 1 – where tee times for up to 5 players can be booked.
  • Larger groups can be split over 2 or more tee times.
  • To protect the greens and tee boxes, no studded boots can be worn on the course.  Trainers or AstroTurf boots only.

Rugbygolf Course

Pricing from 1st April 2019

Age Weekday Charge Weekend Charge
Adult £10.00 £12.00
Under 16 £7.50 £7.50

There is a Ball Hire Charge of £1.00 – no charge if you bring your own ball.

Kicking Tee: £5.00 returnable deposit

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